Aim's & Objective

NRI Welfare Society of India was started with the noble objective of strengthening the emotional bonds between India and Non-Resident Indians.
The Non-Resident Indians. Sprawling throughout the world strongly desire to see their motherland prosper and the common man should have better resources for bringing up his family. With this aim, thousands and thousands of NRIs have shown their readiness to make investments in India. They have ample financial resources, which they wish to invest into the overall development and progress of India.
Inspite of the efforts of the Society to bring NRI investments to strengthen the economy of the country, Society is not indulging in any business or any deal. Society job is to mobilize NRIs to bring them closer to their motherland sentimentally and emotionally by projecting India in correct perspective, as NRIs living away from the country are still not aware of the achievements and progress and developments made by the country.
NRI demanded simplification of procedures while investing in India, but bureaucratic bottlenecks do come in the way. Society helps them to over cross their problems.
With the help and assistance of NRIs we can build a strong economy and can face any sort of foreign competition. The government has announced various schemes.Unfortunately ,it did not reach the non-resident Indians and they are in wilderness.
Society with the powerful advisory panel consisting of powerful politicians and influential persons helps any one and everyone, without any fee, payment or membership fee.
If is unfortunate that our missions abroad fails to inform the NRIs about the policies of the Government. Society is informing the NRIs by regular Newsletters and E-mail every fortnight and through their journal NRI Link, which carries the policies of the Government towards the NRIs.
Society is organizing, seminars, conferences and symposias on national and International levels in different parts of the world and also honour NRI men and women from various parts of the world to recognize their work.
NRI Welfare Society of India recognizes their work, contributions and achievements of NRIs. Those who left the country empty handed and made a respected place for themselves outside the country. Thus, also contributing their might in strengthening India’s economy are being honoured with prestigious ‘Hind Rattan Award’ (meant only for NRIs)
There is a communication gap between the NRIs and the Government, and to reduce it Government has now set up a new ministry Oversean Indian Affairs and society will serve as an active link in solving the NRIs problems.
The Society provides a common platform to NRIs from all over the world.
In short, NRI Welfare Society will act as a watchdog for Non-Resident Indians and fight for their just causes. Society is registered with Government of India under Societies Act.